Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Mirror-Mirror Schori?

Ever since she came into supreme executive power, Dr. Schori has been leading the charge of persecution and deposition against traditionalist Episcopal priests and bishops. Of course, this had already been quietly going on for years through misuse of the Title IV canons, a little legal trick started by the lovely bishop Bennison.

But Schori really ramped things up. In her brief tenure to date, she's already made a habit of charing into dioceses -- as she did in Virginia -- and forcing them to sue departing parishes, even if they had, internally, worked out and agreed upon an amicable protocol. When the diocese of San Joaquin voted by an overwhelming majority, all in accordance with its canons and proper procedures, to reaffiliate, she violated PEcUSA's own procedures, laws, and voting protocols to illegally attempt to depose San Joaquin's bishop and illegally install her own puppet diocese in its place. She has threatened to depose bishop Duncan because she does not like the views he has expressed or the way his own diocese has been voting.

In other words, she apparently has no reservations at all about storming into Episcopal dioceses to enforce her agenda on its people, leadership and policies -- even if it requires violating PEcUSA's own canons and procedures to do so.

And yet, when asked recently whether she would ask Gene Robinson to step down -- an individual whose ordination has done more to destroy international Anglican relations that anything that the bishops she has been suing and deposing have... and whose ordination represents, indeed, a rejection of the Christian and Anglican norms to which those other bishops have been attempting to be faithful -- she responded:
That’s certainly not within my purview. He’s (Bishop Robinson) the bishop of the diocese of New Hampshire and such a response would be a matter between him and his diocese and certainly not anything I would expect.
How about dem apples, eh? When a diocese does something she doesn't like -- such as upholding traditional Christian belief, or even failing to aggressively persecute those who do -- she's happy to storm in and start shoving people around. But when it's a fellow relativist and apostate (and particularly one who embodies PEcUSA's homosexualist heresy)... ah, all of a sudden she's a hands-off administrator and stickler for protocol.

Could it be that this woman is a two-faced double-dealing dishonest conniving bald-faced liar? Why... that would be such an uncharitable conclusion! No, I think there's a much "nicer" explanation... which must therefore, logically, be the true one. Star Trek fans will remember what the real explanation turned out to be when Mr. Spock was discovered acting out of character, right?

Good Mr. Spock

Evil Mr. Spock

You got it... a Spock from a parallel dimension!

Obviously, this must be the case with Dr. Schori. One Schori, who is a stickler for PEcUSA's canons and protocols -- and so refuses, on principle, to take any disciplinary action or interfere in the administration or choices of another diocese -- and the other, the mirror-mirror Schori who steamrolls over all laws, canons, protocols and procedures to impose her apostate policies, regardless of what the local people, congregations, priests or bishops want.

I mean, we all know what a good, honest, straight-forward leader -- one who always acts with respect, integrity, legality, and care for her people -- Schori is, right? So it must be a parallel-dimension twin who is doing all that other stuff, right?

Evil Dr. Schori
Eviler Dr. Schori

Yeah. That's it.