Saturday, August 2, 2008

BREAKING -- Some bishops actually state the obvious!

Finally, a bit of common sense.

Now that Lambeth has - as expected - signally failed to accomplish anything; failed either to take a new position on the homosexualist heresy or uphold it's supposedly "official" one; and generally has accomplished absolutely nothing except having a bunch of bishops sit around, nuancing their existing positions and occasionally hugging (holding all of this up as the kind of "relationship" and "process" which will hold the Communion together when it's formalized -- in about a decade or so -- in some sort of non-binding "Covenant")... well, the CoE bishops of Windsor and Exeter have asked Williams to state the obvious and actually recognize the existing state of schism. Reported HERE.

I'll blog something about this once there are some reactions from both Church and press out there to analyze... as well as, hopefully, the circulation of these two bishops' formal statement.

For now, all I'll ask is:

Why do you look so surprised, archbishop? Surely you didn't think that everyone was so clueless and cowardly so as to be taken in by your talk-a-lot and do-nothing approach or to remain silent about it?

It would appear that there are, after all, some bishops at Lambeth who aren't quite as dense as the crumbling masonry blocks of Canterbury Cathedral. And who are actually willing to stand up for the faith and demand some accountability and leadership from you for a change.

Who knew?

Oh, and I'll make one prediction: both the liberal media and PEcUSA will lay all the blame of "schism" at the feet of bishops Scott-Joynt and Langrish... rather than honestly admitting that it is the apostates in PEcUSA, Canada, England and elsewhere who have created the schism, and that these two CoE bishops are merely asking that that fact be confronted honestly and constructively -- and not, as Williams has tried, simply hidden in obfuscatory language, endless committees, and impotent resolutions.