Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Bovine Primate

The Presiding Individual's Easter Message was just too rich in possibilities. Here's another satire from back then:

Episcopal Church Center
New York; April, 2053

Today, by a 5:3 margin, the Episcopal House of Bishops appointed the first non-human as a Presiding Bishop in the Canturbury Anglican Communion.

"This is a great day for the Christian World" said retiring chief executive Jim McGreevey. "For centuries the Judeo-Christian tradition had denied equal civil, employment, and sexual rights to its non-human brothers and sisters. Today, we in TEc take a bold step to right that wrong."

An official statement relased by TEc, concerning the appointment, read "there is nothing sinful about being non-human. Accordingly, there is no impediment to ordaining a non-human. Moreover, though the Canturbury Anglican Communion is still engaged in discernment concerning the morality of sexual intimacy with non-humans, we are exercizing our 'local option' to permit this ordination, without prejudice to that on-going listening process."

Observers confidently predict that the quality of the Presiding Bishop's easter messages can, with the new administration, only improve over what they have been in recent decades.

Asked for a statement after the ceremony, the new presiding bishop said: "MOO!"

First posted on the MCJ blog.