Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vicky Gene Robinson Empathy Center

Chris Johnson on the MCJ brought to my attention PETA's proposed Lobster Empathy Center.

Since leftist Episcopalians can be at least as nutty as leftist PETA members, I suggest they take this idea and run with it, by forming the:

Vicky Gene Robison Empathy Center

The Episcopal Center announced today that, in conjunction with PETA, they will be opening the "Vicky Gene Robinson Empathy Center" this September.

"We really want people to understand the pain and personal ordeals of this simple country bishop from New Hampshire" said Dr. K. J. Schori, leader of the Episcopal organization. "If people could only sympathize with his suffering, the Anglican Communion would just be one big happy family and kick out Bob Duncan."

The Gene Robinson Empathy Center will, designers say, include simulations of book deals, speaking tours, receipt of checks for royalty and appearance fees, sympathetic and fawning journalistic interviews, resort trips to HOB meetings funded by selling off empty parish buildings, tea with the Ian McKellen, three complementary pairs of rainbow colored dress shoes and, in a grand finale, an all-expense paid trip for two to the Gold Coast of Southern France... six days and nights in the honeymoon suite of the luxurious Palais de Lavande overlooking some of the finest nude beaches in Europe; dine in our five star restaurant and spend the night at our casinos and theaters before retiring to take advantage of your suite's triple-sized jacuzzi and complementary minibar.

Bullet-proof jackets are provided to visitors at no extra charge.